Every job wants someone who is "passionate"

I don't think that's me. I was reading a job ad and when I read that they wanted someone passionate I imagined myself sitting in an interview and being asked the question, "What are you passionate about?" and I couldn't answer the question. Normally in these imaginary conversations in my head I'm formatting an answer before the question even comes up but today I drew a blank. Am I so jaded that I'm not passionate about anything anymore? I have so many things to do that I don't have time to be passionate about any one thing. I'm trying to put a little time into a lot of things and just break even. Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble finding a job: I don't have one thing that I love anymore. Fuck. I guess I need to trim down some of the things I'm doing.

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Meaningless Social Media Gestures

Another barrage of people making meaningless gestures instead of actually doing something. Slacktivism, I think the pundits call it. Update your profile picture to support this cause. Set this as your status for one hour to show support for that (by the way, the News Feed made that irrelevant about 9 years ago; why do I still see it?), use this hashtag to join the conversation. I'm done with all this bullshit. If you want to support a cause then donate money or time, but writing a few words as a social media status isn't good enough in my book.

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Do you really believe that?

Go back and take high school civics again. The constitution is meant to limit government from not overstepping its bounds into your freedom, not to limit private companies from doing things they are legally allowed to do. Don't like the behavior? Petition to have the law changed instead of requesting the constitution be repealed. Also, you're provably wrong on this issue. You're advocating spending millions of taxpayer dollars to save thousands of taxpayer dollars, with a proposal that has literally already been tried and failed with all the appropriate study, examination, and analysis. You're wrong. And you're angry at the wrong people. You're trying to hurt the people at the bottom who have no control over any part of the system instead of the people who organized, built, and maintain the system. Most annoyingly, I can't tell you any of this directly because you comprehend literally no part of any of the systems at work here. Not only can you not see the forest for the trees, you're not even aware the tree plays any part in the ecosystem. And the worst part? You don't care that you don't know.

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Can [x] get a like and share?

No. At least not from me. If you want a like and share do something interesting. Tell a story. Display a talent. That's how virality on social media is supposed to work. Instead of begging for people to care that you exist prove that your existence has merit and people will naturally care.

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